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Our company

HeGo Biotec GmbH is a company founded in 1990 that deals in the trade of “active ingredients for environmental protection”. These are mainly substances for wastewater and sludge treatment as well as gas cleaning:

Since 1998, exclusively for HeGo Biotec GmbH, P.U.S. Production and environmental service GmbH in Lauta near Hoyerswerda under the name “FerroSorp®” produces various adsorbents and reactants based on iron hydroxide. These products, which are mainly due to developments by HeGo Biotec GmbH, are among others. a. Used to separate hydrogen sulfide from gases and to remove phosphate, arsenate and heavy metals from water. One focus here is a powdered, iron hydroxide-based reactant, which is used to bind hydrogen sulfide in anaerobic processes (e.g. biogas plants).

With the development of the GoSil® and GoMet® processes, HeGo Biotec GmbH has succeeded in offering the operators of sewer systems inexpensive and effective options for solving odor and corrosion problems in the sewer network. In addition to this, HeGo Biotec GmbH offers an innovative, mobile radio-supported dosing strategy for adding active ingredients to the sewer network, consisting of a data logger, dosing controller and internet platform.

In addition to selling the substances required for wastewater and sludge treatment, HeGo Biotec GmbH offers a comprehensive service in the field of process advice for wastewater, exhaust air and sludge treatment problems.

HeGo Biotec GmbH employs z. Currently 26 employees. HeGo Biotec GmbH operates a branch in Bitterfeld / Wolfen. At our production partner, the P.U.S. Production and environmental service GmbH in Lauta employ up to 80 people.